10 Useful Tricks To Shape And Grow Your Eyebrows

August 6, 2019

Eyebrow style trends vary every year, but the natural eyebrows are always trendy. In later years extra lush and more prominent eyebrows are becoming more popular. It doesn’t mean you need let your brows get unruly. We’ve unveiled some tricks and tips on how to keep the brows looking good. There are several eyebrow hacks you definitely should know! Please check how to make the best brows life.

Growing The Eyebrows

1. Leave Your Brows Alone
Wax or thread the eyebrows, it can be a difficult process, especially when you feel like you’ve been growing whole life. Therefore if you should let your eyebrows grow, just leave them alone. Avoid any type of grooming for at approx 12 weeks – depends on the person but it can take a year to grow the brows completely

2. Comb Your Brows
Not sure if you know but combing the brows enhances their growth? Start with Picking up a  spoolie brushes and run them through your brows every day. This step will ensure you keep them tamed and help them grow lush.

3. Exfoliate the eyebrows
Same as brushing them, exfoliating the eyebrows will stimulate the hair growth. After cleaning your face, put an exfoliator on the brows and the skin around. Next, Massage the brows in circular moves, then wash them off. Repeat this method three times weekly for best results!

4. Don’t forget Vaseline
Your skin needs to remain nourished and hydrated if the hair on top of it is going to grow. Vaseline makes a sealing barrier and helps to hold the moisture to promote the skin’s natural recovery process. Dry and clean the brow area, and then apply vaseline 3 or 4 times weekly.

5. Utilize Eyebrow Serum For Hair Growth
Implement an eyebrow thickening serum to your brows daily. Most of the growth serums sold on market work by conditioning the hair and renewing its natural renewal cycle. You’ll notice a difference in the strength and amount of the eyebrow hair due to nourishing substances that will repair and restore the brows.

6. Use an Oil To Stimulate Growth
Oils like coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil promote eyebrow growth comparable to vaseline, by forming a barrier that holds the moisture. The oil will go one step ahead, improving circulation, and promote cellular metabolism. Apply the oil to your brows before bed and leave it overnight.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

When you’re done growing the eyebrows to their desired length, then it’s time to shape them up! Here are four steps to form perfect brows.

Step One: Find the best eyebrow shape for your type of face
Every face will look gorgeous with a certain eyebrow shape. If a brow shape looks nice on your friend’s face or celebrity, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on your face.

Here is one sample, round faces usually look better with structured brows which have angled arches and long ends, while heart-shaped faces often look better with soft, rounded arches that complement your sharp angles. Discovering the shape that looks best for you is a cruciality of the first step!

Step Two: let’s trim brows
Use eyebrow scissors to trim down the long hairs – just don’t cut them too much. Make sure you don’t crop them much, brush the hair up with a spoolie and only trim the longhairs, doing single hair at the time.

Step Three: Use a facial oil
You want to make this method with no pain as much possible, use a facial oil to moist the hair follicles and the skin. Smoothly massage a plentiful amount of oil to the brow bone in order to get the spot prepped for the next phase. It will stop the hair from breaking and tweeze easier without pain.

Step Four: Pluck away
Get a set of tweezers to pluck any stubborn hairs. Ensure not to over-pluck, and tweeze the hair into the direction of hairs growth, do it while holding the skin taut. Check for stray hairs between the two points at the beginning of the brows, as well as under the arch and the end of the tail. If you find this article useful, please share with your friends on Pinterest, thank you.


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