June 6, 2019

During the day we manage to eat food mostly not because we are hungry, this happens because we unconsciously create the feeling of comfort. Many things can depend on the quantity of food we eat, and some reasons can be the stress, part of the day, acids in the stomach, etc. Hence, slim moms will show you some tricks to lose weight effectively. The concepts are invented by Brian Wan a psychologist, marketer, and food obsessions expert.

1. Don’t Eat Calories in the Morning:

An up-to-date study by Wansink’s stats, says that breakfast habits are the root of keeping the slim body. Only four out of 100 slim females said they do not eat food in the mornings. Furthermore, those that are overweight told that they frequently skip breakfast for the reason that skipping will lead them to weight loss. The key is to eat breakfast which will contain all required nutrients to our body, like healthy fats, proteins, and healthy carbs.

2. Chew Everything At Least 20 Times Before Swallow:

Some studies have shown that humans should chew each bite of food for at least 32 times to properly stimulate the taste receptors. It can lower your appetite and make you feel satisfied for a longer time.

3. Say no to Yummies:

You must put away all the tasty snacks that you have at the residence into a certain place which is far away from your eyesight and reach of hands. Simply don’t even buy them, however, if your home does not have junk food, it likely will push you to eat more outside. It’s the best solution because that will keep buying them, but at a reasonable level.

4. Stick to the Grocery Shopping List:

When you go to the market for grocery purchasing, you need to make a whole list of everything you need when it comes to food. And make sure you check the list while shopping and only buy the goods that you are missing, and ensure to buy the “green” groceries.

5. Eat Food in (small) Portions:

When eating in portions you can easily manage your calorie intake, you will know at any moment the number of proteins, carbs, and fat being consumed. The tricks to lose weight includes, maintaining full control of the meal calorie value. Also, put on the side the frying pans, leave them somewhere in the kitchen and do not put them on visible places. If you see less, then you will eat less.

7. Try To Eat Alone:

We actually eat less 30%, when we eat alone, and it’s been proven! Rather than when eating with the company, if you are not alone try to stick to the number 5 rule. Moreover, when sharing dinner with three or four people, we eat twice more food, rather when we eat alone. There are some exceptions normally if you are the only person that speaks while eating.

8. The ‘Bottomless Plate’ Phenomenon:

Most people tend to eat until the dish is completely empty, or until they feel full. It is even worse if your dish has undergone grandmas’ refill, which means eating a plateful meal can be equal or exceed 1000 calories per meal. Resolve this mindfully and in smaller plates, or make sure the plate is overflowed with veggies. Always pay attention to the appetite level and disregard the quantity of food left in the dish.

8. Leave Proof of your “Crime”:

People who try to remove the proof that aims to their overeating practices eat more food quantities rather than people who leave it when they finish the meal, just preferring to be guided by their feeling of fullness.

9. Change Eating Location

A great weight loss tip is when changing the dining locations. Just pick a different dining place and eat into another room. Like terrace, balcony, or possibly garden. This way you will avoid getting secondary help in increasing the craving because the craving might subside by the time you reach the kitchen.

10. Implement the Rule of Two Dishes:

Your dish should always have two kinds of foods, a salad side dish, and salad dish, sample fish (or chicken) and vegetables (salad). If you manage the grain like this, you will eat less.

12. Be Calm and Consistent:

Slim moms recommend not to implement all of these lose weight tips at once. The perfect thing would be to implement one test of advice per week. As time goes, with the small steps, you will get used to this lifestyle, and lose excess weight and maintain a healthy body.

11. Don’t Be Afraid of Relapses:

If you are following a certain diet for a week into and it seems like the difficult part is behind, but there comes the midnight where you are standing in front of the fridge, just craving some food. At these times you need to keep several low-fat yogurts to kill your hunger until the morning when you will have proper breakfast. Just follow our Pinterest tricks to lose weight and stay slim.


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