Effective Coconut Oil Body Wrap To Get Rid Of Cellulite

August 14, 2019

Body wraps are a great way to make your skin soft and tender, get rid of cellulite, and lose a few inches and reduce your legs volume. The good news is that you can provide a body wrap treatment at home. You don’t need to buy special toning creams. Because all the required ingredients you already have them in your house.

Coconut oil is the best choice for your DIY body wraps as it stretches and moisturizes your skin. If you use coconut oil and honey together you will always get incredible results! If you want to reduce legs size and remove cellulite you are in the right place, check our homemade Leg Wrap and tone your legs quickly and effectively, before summer ends.

DIY Coconut Honey Leg Wrap Recipe

Using this natural home remedy will guarantee you to get the desired results. Therefore we want to share this recipe for making a DIY coconut honey body wrap with you.

You will need:

  • Two tbsp. of raw honey
  • Two drops of any essential oil
  • Two tbsp. of coconut oil

How to prepare:

Take a deep bowl, put all the ingredients to it, and mix them good. You can also add organic ingredients such as sea salt, herbs, clay, and some other essential oils to this leg wrap. Make sure you take a hot shower first or at least clean your legs with a towel soaked in warm water.

How to use:

Apply the mixture on your legs and massage with round moves. Take plastic wrap and wrap your legs. Let mix do its part for two hours.

Important to note that the room should be warm, to support body sweating additionally. After two hours, you need to rinse this paste with warm water.

A home wrap is an excellent choice for women who want to reduce their leg size and remove cellulite. This treatment at spa centers cost a lot of money, so why not to make it at our home. Body wrap treatments at home are easy, convenient, and very cheap. You need to repeat max 3 times weekly to maximize effect and make your legs look toned and remove all cellulite from the legs. For best results, we recommend walking or running along with leg mask treatment.


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